Keyless Entry Kits

Protocol 8-Function Keyless Entry System

LOOK MA, NO KEYS! All most all cars these days come with keyless entry. No need to stay in the stone age, especially since these units are extremely affordable! Enjoy the convience of locking the doors, popping the trunk/hood, open/closing your sunroof, rolling your windows up and down, remote start, turn on your headlights, neon, dome light, alarm, operate your stereo or any other power accessory. With up to 8 output channels, you can remotely control just about everything on your vehicle. Choose between 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 channel versions of this great keyless entry system. Ideal for older vehicles with only a few electical accessories or for a cost effective upgrade.


  • Plug in Harness
  • Easy Installation
  • Code Learning Technology
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Long Range/Compact Remotes
  • Multi-Channel Remote Controls

Manufacturer: Protocol Hot Rod Products

KMW Performance Part #: PPPKL8

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