Oasis XD3000 Extreme Duty Air Compressor

This model combines all of the rugged 3000 series compressor features with a commercial grade, fan-cooled 12vdc motor. This model is ideal for extended run cycles.

Dimensions: 21" x 7" x 10.7"
Weight: 62lbs
Max Load Amps: 180 @ 12vdc
Max PSI: 200
Duty Cycle: 100% @ 100psi

Standard Features:

DIRECT PORT INTAKE DESIGN - Stabilizes airflow for maximum performance.
DUAL-RING, OIL CONTROL PISTONS - Significantly reduces oil blow by into air supply.
OIL RESERVOIR CHAMBER - Provides relief for crankcase oil transfer and expansion.
OIL RESERVOIR BAFFLE - Acts as an air/lubrication separator.
OIL SIGHT GLASS - Offers a quick visual check of crankcase lubrication.
COOLING FAN MOTOR - Airflow through the motor reduces extended use heat build-up. (XD3000)
CONTROL WIRE - Connection point for optional pressure switch and/or dash switch.
LOW VOLTAGE CUT-OFF - "Smart" technology turns compressor off if voltage drops to protect motor.
POWER SWITCH - with indicator light.
LOW VOLTAGE INDICATOR - Alerts when battery or system voltage is low.
HIGH FLOW - Swedish Steel valves.
AIR FILTER - High-flow, long-life filter with serviceable element.
COMPRESSED AIR OUTLET - Connects to air hose. Can be rotated 360°.
YORK® COMPRESSOR - Modified, twin-cylinder, 10 cubic inch industrial unit.
HD ROLLER BEARINGS - at both ends of crankshaft.
MOUNTING PLATE - (optional) - Steel housing designed for easy bolt-on installation.
HEAVY-DUTY COUPLER - Provides a direct drive connection.
PRESTOLITE® MOTOR - Hi-performance industrial duty.
MOTOR COOLING EXHAUST - Reduces motor heat build-up. (XD3000)
POWER CABLES - 10' of #4 AWG cables.

Manufacturer: Oasis Manufacturing
Manufacturer Part #: XD3000

KMW Performance Part #: OM-XD3000

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